Wrap long word in document template

Hi all,   Is there any style property for a table cell in document templates to wrap very long words? Have a look in how it looks in a PDF:  
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The document templates allow you to use CSS

something like this should work:

overflow-wrap: break-word;


Just add it in the properties pane



Based on this previous forumpost, it seems this property does not work for PDF. I guess as a workaround you could print word or HTML and convert it to PDF.


It took me a few minutes to get it right, but you might want to try this trick:

  1. Enable Render XHTML on the text object:

  1. Wrap the text you want to display ($YourTextString) with the following:
    ‘<div style=”width:375px;overflow:hidden;white-space:nowrap;”>’+$YourTextString+’</div>’
    Since you enabled XHTML rendering on your text, the html code will be evaluated… strangely using the same style templates on the cell/text won’t do the same for some reason…
    The width will limit the text to the allowed space (this number you’ll have to tweak for your own template).
    overflow-hidden will stop the text from overflowing in another line
    white-space:nowrap will ensure your text will be displayed in one single line