Server error while communicating with the Microflow debugger

Dear all, when starting an application in 8.16.0 I keep receiving the following error. As I didn’t find anything in the documentation, I’d be glad if there are hints out there in order to get rid of it. Error message: Log Line Details: Thanks and best regards Ole
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Just started the 8.16.0 build 9638 and it fired up without a problem. Upgraded an application from 8.15, started it and debugging went fine too. Same with a newly created app.

Your description implies that you have this problem with any application. Is that so?


Hi Tim,

this problem only occured when deploying one specific application. Good to see that both upgrading and debugging works fine. I now reinstalled 8.16.0 build 9638 and solved the problem, assuming there was something going on during the installation on my machine.