Data view greyed out

Hi there! I'm trying to upload a profile picture for an employee entity I've made. I can create the employee just fine, but when I add an image uploader it messes up. I can see the field just fine, but I can't click on ‘Browse’ because it's greyed out.  This is what the page looks like in mendix studio pro:  This is what it looks like when I run it:     This is what the domain model looks like:  The weird thing is that this does work in a local version I created just to test this. The field isn't greyed out and everything works the way it should. Does anyone know what's wrong? I'm at my wits’ end.  Mendix studio pro version 8.14.1.   
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I think the image object is not initialized and associated to your employee object before this page (new/edit employee form) is displayed. Please use a microflow and then use create object activity to create an object of Profile_Picture. Now create an Employee object, set association with your Profile_Picture object. Then you can pass this Employee as page parameter to your Employee NewEdit page. Hopefully now the image uploader wont be disabled.

Another thing to check is your security settings and entity access rules. But I think in your case its most likely the above issue I described.