Debugger randomly disconnects when running locally

Hello, Since upgrading to Mendix 8 I have noticed an increase in the debugger randomly being disconnected when running locally. For example, if I run the project locally and start a microflow that has a breakpoint, the loading bar (added through microflow properties) goes on indefinitely. When I check the modeler, the debugger is disconnected. After I click on connect → local running app, the modeler goes straight to the breakpoint. Thus the app was paused on the breakpoint, but it was not visible in the modeler. The issue is that this happens randomly; it does not matter whether the app has been running for 5 minutes or an hour. Nothing is shown in the console log, it happens both in Mendix 8.6.5 and 8.12.3 and for microflows with and without a loading bar. Does anyone also encounter this and knows a solution? The issue is that it appears like a microflow is still running, while it is actually paused. Especially for large conversion flows this can be quite annoying.
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