Exclude Project Settings Configuration from Commits

Dear Mendix Community, I have a question regarding the project settings when working with different configurations. In our case every developer in the project has created his own configuration, because we work with PostgreSQL databases and everyone has different namespaces, etc.  But now, when developer 1 commits, the active Project Settings Configuration is also selected. Accordingly, each developer must reactivate his configuration after an update from Team Server. Is there a way to configure that this setting is not taken along with the commit or that the settings are overwritten directly after an update? Thanks in advance!  Best Regards,  Frederik
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No, in our company we have made rules for the setup. Workaround would be that each creates it's own setting and commit that one. Settings can easily be copied and adapted to each user. Not workable with 30 developers though. You then need a convention for it.

The rules we have is to have the postgres version as last digit in the port setting (so 5438 for Postgres 8) and the Mendix version in the database name (somename_prod7 and somename_accp8).





This usually only happens after a clean download of the project or after a new configuration has been added by one of the teammembers. In my experience after every developer has his/her own config committed to the repo, then your own config will stay activated. Also after updating.



I have an suggestion like We need to change the project setting database configuration to our own configuration after taking an update.