can I return a list as an Object from the microflow?

I have a page that has different sections and each sections filters out a same source list. I need to use a list in the microflow(ABC) to filter the values in the list and show that accordingly in the page which uses that same list to show different sections with filters . I’m using datagrid and taking ABC as source, but since the data view needs object as a return it’s throwing the error.  Can anyone give me a way I can use that list in page as a parameter and then filter it and show filtered values in the page. 
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Hi , 

There is no way that you can set list as datasource for a dataview. 

What I am understanding from your question is that you want have a common filter for multiple data grids. You can try the following methods. ​​​​​​​

  1. You can create a object with all the filters as attributes and based on the values in that attributes you can retreive and set the list of objects to the data grids with specific Xpaths. 
  2. You can always use this widget and give common class name for all the grids which will allow the widget to filter out the values in all the grid simulatneously. This will remove the dependency of using a data view as custom search. 


Hope this helps!