How can I Transfer selected objects between pages

Hi everyone, I'm kind of new in this Mendix world, and I'm trying to create a simple page where I can select certain database objects like Clients, or CaseTemplates from a selection page. I'll give some explanation about my project :) . At this moment, my domain model looks like this:   It's the intention that a manager can create CaseTemplates with associated CaseActivityTemplates, and that a system user can generate a CaseType from these templates. The CaseTypes are linked to a Client, and now I want to create a page where I can select a CaseTemplate and a Client so I can perform a deepCopy and copy the attributes from the template database to the actual CaseType database. Therefor I created a Wizard page where the user first have to create a client, and then a CaseTemplate: If the user clicks on ‘Select the Client’, another (selection) window opens where he/she can select the a client This works wel, The user can select a client, and this window closes automatically when the user clicks on “Select”, but now I'm stuck. Where is my Object, or how can I call it from the initiating “Select the client” page?   Can someone please help me out out on this with some documentation or visual examples? I went through the mendix docs and tutorials, but couldn't find a way to make it work. I will also gladly hear any other improvements for my current solution. Thanks!  
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What does the Select button trigger? A show page action or a microflow?

I assume you will open the page Select a new case. That page should start with a Dataview with context entity set to Client. This will allow you to pass the object Client you selected. When opening directly the page, the object is passed automaticaly. When triggering a microflow, add an input paramater of type client and this can now be passed to the page Select a new case.



Hi Rene,


Thanks for answering so fast on my question.

By clicking on Select a new case, or on Select the client, I indeed open a page with a dataview entity set to CaseTemplate , or Client.

Now I added a dataview to show the selected Client in the selection wizard with a Microflow:

And I get the following error (However I filled the dataview automatically on the Microview)

I can't get it working :(  .

Do you have any clue?





Can someone help me with some suggestions or documentation?

I didn’t find the solution for this.


Thank you!