Studio Pro / Sprintr path issue

Hi there, strange behaviour appearing suddenly: Opening an App in Studio Pro, version 8.14, via version selector detects the app in its local path D:/.../Mendix/<projectname>. When I confirm that it's the app I want to open ("from teamserver" though), it deploys it into D:/.../mendix/ and misses therefore the subdirectory. Which messes everything up once I'd like to commit changes back top the teamserver. The <projectdir>/<project>.launch file *seems* to have the correct path names in it. Anyone knowing how to solve this?
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When opening a project from the teamserver you can set the directory and change this from the default:

That should allow you to get the project in the directory of your choice. Don’t understand why you expect the directory to mess up the commit though, these are not really related.