Mendix Studio Pro does not show all pages from Mendix studio

Hi there, I am currently working my way through the “Rapid Developer Learning Path”. Love it, by the way :) Is there a way to sync Mendix Studio and Mendix Studio pro versions of my app? Let me explain: So far I have developed everything in Mendix Studio (online) and now got to the lesson where I should use Mendix Studio Pro (lecture 6) . When I look at the versions of “my” LearnNow app, they seem to be quite different. For example: I can’t find the pages, microflows or the domain model that I have created in Mendix Studio (online) in Mendis Studio Pro. See screenshots…  My first idea is that I need to sync between Studio and Studio Pro. Or maybe I made another made another mistake (very likely)?? ;) Mendix Studio (online) screenshot Mendix Studio Pro (local) screenshot
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When I log out and back in (see below), I now have everything as it is online...

Maybe it has something to do with my account details (I am a Siemens employee who logged in through the Siemens log in method). But I am not sure, if this “destroys” my online version of the app if I sync it…

So I would leave this question “open” ;) because someone might have a good idea how to overcome this workaround ;)