To import Excel

For a webapp, a client would like to be able to import data from excel files easily into the Mendix webapp/data grid. Importing excel files is possible via ExcelImporter and this works in the current developed application. However this is not very user friendly by having to go to a different tab, making a template and importing the excel in yet another tab. Would it be possible to add a simple button to import excel files into Mendix data grids?
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If your format of excecl files is fixed and it do not change, then you can do the template creating process once as a site admin. After that users will not need to create templates. They can simply import the excel files as per specified templates

If not, then probably implementing a excel import solution using custom java action can do the job. You can read excel files from the java code and create required mendix objects to store data. Would be a little difficult to implement if you are not much familiar with Java. 

Let’s see if others can suggest a better way