Why does object from REST GET request not have valid association?

I perform a GET request to get an object that has two ‘levels’ of associations like so: Parent Entity (1-1) Child Entity (1-*) Grandchild Entity. I map the incoming response and save it all in the same GET action. When I try to use the Parent Entity (that was returned from the GET action) I can’t traverse to the grandchild because the child has an empty association to the grandchild.  On the otherhand the save directly to the DB (the commit within the GET action) works as expected. This tells me the mapping is working as expected. So my current work-around is do a fresh retrieve for the parent based on an ID look-up/Xpath. I can then traverse/descend to the grandchild. Has anyone else experienced this: where the returned object from a multi-level GET action (JSON response) doesn’t allow you to retrieve beyond the first level/association?
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