All Values Not Showing Up In Dropdown Of A Search Filter

Hello Makers, I have a data grid, where I am using a search filter which contains an enumeration attribute over association. That search field has a default value already set. It also allows multi select. Problem: It only applies the default value if the data grid contains a record for that value, if it doesn’t then 1) it doesn’t apply the default filter and 2) it does not even show that value in the drop down filter. I observed this behavior with other enumeration filters over association as well. It works fine if I am using some other enumeration of the same entity (not over association).      I have checked the release notes for 7.23.15 and subsequent versions but no bug/fix has been reported for such issue. Has anyone else faced such strange issue and was able to resolve this?
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The data for the search filter is built up from the available data and therefore if no data is available the filter will not be filled. This is default behaviour of the platform and not a bug. If the data is not availble there will be no need on filtering for that data as the result wioll then always be empty.