Mendix stops retrieving data in a datagrid by xpath on changing an association in one of the retrieved items

Hello, we have the following problem, maybe anyone has an idea about the reason  or a solution. We have an entity with xpath security constraints in place. In an overview page, we retrieve the data of the entity in an datagrid by xpath. With an edit page, the selected item of the datagrid can be edited. It can happen, that if we change the association in one of the items, no data will be retrieved anymore by the datagrid. Even a refresh of the page does not deliver any data anymore. The user needs to sign-out and sign-in again, to get any result in the datagrid. Mendix error log and Javascript console does not provide any information. We’re using Mendix 8.17.0
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I have encountered the same issue in the past and the only workaround I could fine was to move the XPath constraint from the datagrid to the entity access rules. Whether you can use this workaround depends on your use case and the app logic.

Hope this helps