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Hi everybody!   I have build a page with a layout grid with 4 columns set to autofill. Each of these columns have an action card in a container, which on itself has visibility set with a boolean.  I am looking for a solution where I can hide the column which has the boolean set to false. I tried this with dynamic class but this does not work. However, when I add the class “hidden’ on the layoud column itself ( and not by dynamic class) it works.   I need a solution where the column that may not be showed will be hidden AND all of the subsequent columns must move to left, to fill in the gap with whitespace. Is there an easy way or workaround?   Kind regards    Kevin
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Yes I think its a bug as dynamic classes seems to be not working with specifically the column of a layout grid. I was able to hide a container widget via ‘hidden’ class using the dynamic classes. But same didn’t work for the layout grid column.

For now you can use the flexbox layout using containers which can give same look and feel as of a layout grid. And flexbox is flexible to any addition/removal of elements. It automatically adjusts the UI. You can easily toggle visibility of the containers based on any condition. Dynamic classes is another option. Any of these will work.


Hi Umar


Thanks for sharing this information! I will try it soon and let you know the outcome. 


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