How to create a REST service with mendix.

I want some dummy data that I can play around with. In the Crash Course there is this module “MockHrService”. Is it possible to rebuild one for my self to serve me the dummy data that I need.  Similar to a web API in other technologies like .net or to simply put it... In JavaScript on the frontend I can have a data folder, which has a file called data.json. I can go about to read the data.json file to give me the dummy data that I need (this is the functionality I am after with mendix). This is somewhat achieved with that MockHRService in the crash course, I tried to replicate it so that it can work for me, I actually tried to build one from scratch but I cannot get the results and having read “Consume a REST Service” and “Publish a REST Service” I am still left short on how to create a REST service in mendix. Is there any documentation on how to Create a REST Service?
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Hi Mathew,

Here is some information on the Mendix docs about the Publish and Consume webservice: 


There is even a learning path about creating REST services:

What you also can try to do is create a mock service in Postman or SOAP UI. 

Good luck,

Cheers, Jeffrey