Get output date and time using excel exporter

Hi all, I would like to get output date and time on excel sheet when I export excel file by excel exporter. I’ve already tried to use static data like this pic. However the result what I get is ↓ I’ve expected to get date(yyyy/mm/dd) in B2 but unfortunately I got number as you see. When I change the format of B2 from original to date format, date show up.  I’ve already tried upload formatted file(changed format of B2 as date) from here but it doesn’t work at all. How can I get date (and time) when I export Excel file? Please help me.  
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You can have a look at the format/parse date time functions that Mendix provides;

You can, for instance, format the datetime into a string before passing it on to your Excel exporter;

formatDateTime($DateTimeAttribute, ‘yyyy-MM-dd’), which results in a string containing the datetime in yyyy-MM-dd format.

You could parse the datetime you want to export, and use this in the export functionality.