How to switch demo-users and use the feedback-widget while set to Production?

The projectsetting for security level is on ‘Production’ for most of our applications, since they are live. Which is good. But it is a pitty that we can not have the nice option to switch between demo_users in our non-production environments (test, accp, performance, report etc). Same for the feedback-widget. These very nice and very useful pieces of the Mendix suite are most often not used. Setting the security level to ‘off’ or ‘Prototype/Demo’ is not an option, since the applications are in production. Is there a way to use demo-users and the feedback widget’s functions in the non-production environments?
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Hi Tim,

For security reasons, I do not think demo user switcher is the best thing to use in production and because of this, Mendix limits you in using it in Production. However some good news for you is that, you can use the feedback widget in the production environment by simply modifying the configurations in the widget ( by adding a microflow) as shown below:


Information about it is shown as text below the microflow field



I hope this helps,

Kofi Ghartey-Tagoe