JSON Wrapper Question

i have a json data as below, but when i try to create a structure from it in mendix, i see it showing as “wrapper” and only 1 value is visible for “create_agrs” its skipping rest of it, i would like to show all the values, any ideas how to fix this.. {    "VM": "systemtest",    "Create_Args": [        "--compute-attributes", "cores=1, socket=1, memory=4294967296, cluster=testcluster, start=1",        "--hostgroup", "testhostgropu",        "--image", "testimage",        "--location", "Default Location",        "--organization", "Default Organization",        "--provision-method", "image"    ],    "Create_Parameters": {        "Application": "",    } }  
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Hi John, 

via the JSON snippet you can define the structure of a JSON, so that Mendix knows what to expect or produce when importing / exporting.

The “Create_Args” attribute of your JSON is correctly identified as an array (you can tell by the occurrence of the wrapper object.), Unfortunately Mendix will not show all values of your JSON snippet in the structure. 

One could compare the structure panel with an XML-XSD file, which also holds no data but defines the structure of an XML.