Date format

When working on an app with multiple people, I ran into the issue where the date format of a date picker for example is different than what my colleague sees. This is because it is a studio pro setting that defines how the dates are shown. Now my question is, is the only solution, to have all the same IDE settings among colleagues? Or is there an other way to achieve the same date format across the entire app and among developers? And because this is managed by a Studio pro setting, what will be the date format when the app gets released?   I presume the answer will be a simple one, but I can’t seem the find it… Thx in advance!
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Date formats are set in the language tab. I’m assuming that your co-workers are using the same language settings as you are? Could look into that to see if there the same.

When the app is released the date format will depend on the language settings of the account ( if the user has language set to english, it will show the date format you set for the english language).