Combines certain data from 2 different Excel in 1 CSV file

Hi guys,  Anyone know how to upload 2 different Excel in one time, then show only certain data from Excel A and Excel B after being convert into CSV from the 2 Excels. For example, i upload two different Excel (A & B) Then, when i want to convert the data to CSV i will get the data from column 1,2,3 from Excel A and column 6,7,8 from Excel B. After that, all columns from both Excel will be combine into 1 CSV.   Excel A     Excel B   Result from combination of Excel A & B Thank you!
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Hi Ikhwan!

To do this you need to perform several steps.

  1.  Import both Excel files. For information on how to do this see this Mendix documentation:
  1. You need to store the data from the imported excel colums that you want to export in the CSV in your database. You can do this by creating an entity that has all columns that you want in the output in the end, and saving the values from the first two excels. Keep in mind that you need some kind of identifier to match the columns from the first excel to the second excel. This can be the row of the input excels for example.
  2. You can create a CSV export by using a datagrid. You can display the data using a datagrid and use the default `Export to CSV` button. Or you can choose to build a custom CSV export with one of the available CSV export modules from the Mendix App store. 


Does this help?