How to view Mindsphere live data in tabular form?

I have successfully pushed my mendix app on mindsphere and I am getting live data for last 1 hour as time series chart form. I want to see my variables in tabular form where the value changes if it changes in real time. My table will contain Name and CurrentValue.  How can I view this dynamic variable in my mendix table. Please help.
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To show any dynamic data, you will need a data view with some data source (context, microflow etc)
Then inside that data view, place a table and use text widget to provide values from the attributes of the entity (having your data) to which data view is connected. 
See which entity you are using to store the time series data and then you can use that entity in a data view to show its data in form of table or any format you want 


Dear Dipika,

are you talking about the variables of the asset’s aspects? I don’t think you’ll be able to get the real time data as a ‘push’ from MindSphere. 

My recommendation would be to use the Microflow Timer Widget ( to periodically refresh the data you’re getting through your MindSphere Timeseries API. 

You’ll just have to define what real time means for your use case. Every minute? Every ten seconds? Every second?

Hope that helps!