How to get data from Mindsphere in table ?

I am able to get data from Mindsphere in time series chart but I want to view that in a table. The table will have name and value as columns, where the value must change when data changes. I have tried with data view with data source as timeseries entity. Then inside that data view, placed a table and used text widget to provide values from the attributes of the entity to which data view is connected.  But I am getting default value in the table. My time series chart is updating correctly. What can I do to get data in the table? Please help.
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Most likely it is because data view is not being refreshed and the chart is working because chart has a refresh interval after which it will fetch latest data. 
To refresh the data view where you placed a table to show values, you should have a timer microflow that retrieves an object of your data view entity and just call a “refresh in client” on it. This microflow will run every x seconds, so you will see your table getting updated values at the set interval. Set the timer interval same as your chart interval. 

Microflow Timer
Refresh in client

P.S: In MindSphere default Asset Management Connector, you have non persistent entities. So to retrieve data from non persistent entities, one option could be to associate it with currentSession. Then you can access it via system variable $currentSession available in microflows. If you are storing data, then simple retrieve from database would work as described above