Reference selector resizing issues

Hi All,   I am currently using a reference selector in my project . But while choosing the values in drop down I found that the if my selected string is larger than the previously selected string, reference selector will only resize and become longer.but the value would not display. On selecting the larger string after the resizing, it works fine. Please suggest if something can be done to avoid this. Mendix version 8.15.1 Thanks in advance  
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Sounds like a bug, but since dropdown is used thousends of times, you ran into an edge case. So let’s kick it around a bit:

  • Try if changing the selected attribute makes a difference.
  • Check the language of the the currently selected attribute if it is based on an enum-type.
  • Try to upgrade, just to see if this behavior stops
  • Are you able to create a new project and replicate the same behavior? If so, report it to