Add a column serial no./ order no. in the grid from microflow

I need to add a first column ‘Serial no./sequence no.’ this will simply have 1,2,3,4,… (number of rows) to the grid, how can I add that column in the grid this is not coming from the data source. I was trying to create a list and add data with the order number field but the iterator changes the data values each time of the list inside the loop.
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What I think you are trying to achieve is adding row numbers similar to row numbers in spreadsheets like Libreoffice Calc. That has a big disadvantage that the number is in no way related to the object on that particular line in the datagrid.

But if that is what you want, then the easiest way is to add an attribute to the datagrid’s entity and before showing it on screen, fill that attribute with the sequencenumber. The most common example is an orderline with an orderline-number.