Noob unable to access apps in Studio Pro

Hi. I started building my app using Studio in the browser. I now want to use Studio Pro for increased functionality. I loaded Studio Pro 8.18.1 on to my PC. But I can’t get it working. I can log in and see all my projects listed on the screen. When I click to open one I see a lot of download activity and the project opens. But when I explore it in Project Explorer it is just an empty project. There is one home page saying “Welcome to your new app”. All my other work is missing. In the Open Project dialog there is a line saying “Information about Mendix Studio supported branches is not available”. Is this the explanation? All suggestions welcome.          
2 answers

2 options:

  1. in Studio Pro check Version control => Manage branch lines.
  2. In Studio Publish your app.

Thanks @Tim. But I still haven’t got it working. I published the app from Studio but it made no difference.

Under Version control => Manage branch lines there is only one branch Main line and that is what I’m trying to use.

Under Version control => Update I get the error message “Sorry, currently we are experiencing problems retrieving Mendix Studio changes". This seems to be a network problem according to documents here. I submitted a ticket and hope they respond.

Meanwhile I started to rebuild the app from scratch in Studio Pro, but hit a brickwall there too. The app was originally created by importing directly from a spreadsheet. I can’t find this facility in Studio Pro. It’s only available in Studio.

Since the official method is not working for me, does anyone know a backdoor method to download the app files from Team Server so I can install them locally?