How to naviagate to the next page conditionally?

Hey folks, I am trying to create a survey app using Mendix and am stuck at something, so on the first page of the survey there are a few questions which decide what the next page should be, I am struggling to find out how to achieve conditional navigation. So, the first page of the survey has “Next” button, which needs to take into account the answer to the second question, or a variable from the entity DataGathering.DataEntry which is a part of the domain model. Now, if that’s a text variable, if that variable was chosen as yes(enumeration of Yes and No), I would need to go to page 2, if it’s chosen as no I would need to go to page 3 directly, but the problem as I said is that I am not able to find out how to do that. Right now, I use the ‘events’ of the next button on the first page and set it as ‘show a page’ and select a page name that I created already. I believe this way isn’t gonna work and I need to be doing something else for this conditional navigation of pages, I’d highly appreciate if someone could throw some light on it.   I would also like to know if I could find an example of such a thing on Mendix if it exists, thank you for reading
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Use a microflow for the Next button. In this microflow do all the decision making on where to goto next. Use splits for that to create a decision tree. On each branch use the open page action to open the correct page.

My advise is to do some basic Mendix learning paths like this one:

There you learn al the basic stuff you can do with microflows.