how to join 2 entities based on common field and pull all fields from both entities

entity 1 has column1 and column2 entity 2 has column1 and column3 i need output to be column1,column2,column3 based on common column , ie column1 whats the way to achieve this , so that on the form i can see all values from both entities.
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Where are foreign keys when you need. O well, we make do with what we have got:

  • First create a 1-1 relation between the two tables
  • retrieve table 1 and loop through table 1,
  • during each iteration retrieve the object of table 2, xpath-constraint on column1 = iterator/column1 and set YourNewAssociation of iterator to found object of table 2
  • Save table 1

Now show your form, showing column3 over association.