OData Rest Call with POST method (Error 403-Fordibben)

Hello! I'm trying to make a REST call with a POST method of an entity with multiple children with SAP OData Connector where I create the query and I send the data with a JSON, which I previously created and mapped.    The JSON structure works perfectly if I send the call from Postman App, but when I do it from my application in Mendix it gives me an error and the following message appears: In this forum I saw that some people had similar problems due to the proxy, I also tried that solution but it is not my case.  I would appreciate the help as I have had this problem for a couple of days. 
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Ok, I have done what you told me:

-Here I make a 'GET' call with a fetch for the token and the response saves it in a variable called 'Get':



-Then here I make a retrieve list of that association that contains the header response data:


-Here, I do a find on that list so that it finds a member that is the same as the token and creates an object called ('X_CSRF_Token'):

*The message that appears in the image, contains the verification that it really brought me a token.*


-So in the 'POST' call I pass the value of X_CSRF_Token as a header parameter:


-In the POST, I am requesting a JSON using 'Custom request Template':


Even so, I keep getting the error '403' and I don't know why. I am making the same call in Postman and there it works fine.


Hi Daniel Jimenez Bautista ,


Have you got any solution for this,if yes please guide me i have also same situation