Basic Messaging Application Help

Hello,  I’m just starting out with Mendix and I think this is probably a simple question.  I have the following data model and frontend for a basic messaging application. The first two images shown will work. The problem is that I want to add a create a new taskmessage part on the same page as where the current messages are listed (third screenshot). It seems Mendix doesn’t like this “all data views receiving object form the page parameter must have same entity”. How can I get around this?   
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Hi Daniel,

This would be an approach that could work:

  1. Add a button inside you Task Dataview with on click action, call a microflow
  2. In the microflow create a TaskMessage, associate it to the task (parameter/dataview context) and open a new pop-up page with context object Taskmessage
  3. Create a pop-up page with a dataview for TaskMessage, your input fields & a save changes button
  4. Configure the save changes button to refresh (so that the page behind the pop-up refreshes & now also includes your new TaskMessage
  5. Voila!