Evaluation form with master data for description

Hi guys, Anyone know or can give some ideas on how to make a evaluation score form (1-5 marks) with a master data for description of the evaluation? For example, I have a form that will evaluate a user. I as admin also can make changes the description. I have make an entity in master data module to maintain the sentences of the description. Below image is the example of my evaluation form :  
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I would do it like this:

An admin would be able to create a new Score form and give it a name. Next the admin will be able to configure diffent score form evaluation questions.
When a user logs in, it can open a score form, see all the evaluation questions and open the questions to answer it with a comment and a score (enum of 1 to 5)




The page for creation score form questions would look like this. 

If a user logs in you could then show the creates score form and let them create an answer for each Evaluation question created by the admin,