I want to show list of upcoming birthdays of employee coming in next 10 days ?

I have list of employees, and want to show upcoming birthdays coming in next 10 days. It should be sorted by day and month only, not by year. and if birthday is today than it should be highlighted with background color. Is it possible with X-PATH in LIST-VIEW??
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I would create a list view with datasource "microflow” to retrieve the employees with a birthday in the coming 10 days. On the employee object I would add a boolean attribute “isBirthdayToday”. While retrieving the list with employees i would also check if the birthday is today. If yes then I would set the “isBirthdayToday” on true and use this attribute with conditinal visibility on your page. Put the attribute “employee.name” 2 times in your page, The first is only visible when the “isBirtdayToday” attribute is true and use some styling to give it a different background colour, the other one is only visible when the “isBirthdayToday” attribute is false and you don't use any styling on this so he background will appear normal. 

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