show field based on drop down selection

example :  i have a drop down on form which has values  one/two/three. when i choose “two” in the drop down, i should be able to see a new field appear on the form. (visible) when i choosec “one” or “three” , i should not be able to see the new field on the form.( not visible ) tried following document to setup the boolean for this and show the drop down enumeration  , but does not seem to work. need help on how to accomplish this..
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Hi John,

when starting with Mendix, it’s always good to start with a learning path, e.g. on how to model pages etc.

Conditional visibility works based on booleans and based on enumerations. In case, your dropdown is not a reference selector but an Enumeration and the field you want to display belongs to the same object, it is easy going:

  1. Place your dropdown in a data view of the respective object.
  2. Place your optionally displayed field in the same data view
  3. Open the properties of the optional field, edit “visibility” to be dependent on an attribute value.
    Select your enumeration field there and tick the enumeration options that should lead to the field being displayed.