Mendix List View Background Colour Change?

Hi,  I was wondering if there was any way of changing the list view background colour based upon an Date/Time attribute stored within the list, e.g. the user loads up the form and hits the criteria for the date/time value listed (deadline being met), I would like the subsequent listview background colour to change in order to notify the user of this date/time value being hit. Is there any built in features that would allow this? Thanks​​​​​​​
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Hi Daniel, 

I think there is no built in feature

But you can achieve it by following steps,

  1. Add the listview
  2. Add the container inside the listview
  3. Place the contents inside the listview.
  4. Replicate this for all conditions based on your requirement.

For example,

I want to display my data in Green color background if I completed my tasks before the deadline date 

I want to display my data in Red color if I did not completed my tasks before the deadline date 

For the above example, 

Place two different container and update its visibility with different expression 

and update the appearance of the container with the below css

background-color: #…….;


Woke up with another optin for this: enumerations. Create an enumeration having values and images, add an attribute in the entity you are showing and a calculated value based on the date-attribute. Then place that attribute in the listview and set property to ‘show images’