Importing from json with association is not working.

im trying to do a reference selector between dropdowns vertical and environment i imported the vertical information into an entity next to that i am doing a import using association between environment and vertical so that i can import with association between these 2 entities over the vertical field. but after importing i am seeing the environment data inserted, but the associated field is not getting populated. the xpath constratin and association is set correctly , this i can tell because when i manually choose the associated vertical on the environment field i am getting the dropdown to work based on reference selection.. any ideas what i might be doing wrong here so that association is not working during import.. the json file is the same for both imports.
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Hi John,

The mapping you are using is expecting that environment has 0 or 1 vertical. You are trying to map it to many environments with only 1 vertical. You could try to map it to the entity by using microflow