sftp Error on mendix 9.0.5

Hi all, When I build a project  I got error message as below. Then I decide to build for eclipse. it’s has error as picture .How can I fix ? javasource\sftp\actions\Connect.java:125: error: method execute in class Core cannot be applied to given types; [javac] result = Core.execute(getContext(), this.microflow, this.microflowArgument); [javac] ^ [javac] required: T [javac] found: IContext,String,IMendixObject [javac] reason: cannot infer type-variable(s) T,R [javac] (actual and formal argument lists differ in length) [javac] where T,R are type-variables: [javac] T extends CoreAction<R> declared in method <T,R>execute(T) [javac] R extends Object declared in method <T,R>execute(T)
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From the release notes:

“ We removed the deprecated <R> R execute(IContext context, String name, Object... params) throws CoreException, <R> R execute(IContext context, String microflowName, Map<String, Object> params), and <R> R execute(IContext context, String microflowName, boolean executeInTransaction, Map<String, Object> params) methods from the Core. Use Core.microflowCall and Core.userActionCall methods instead. ”


So you will need to rewrite the Java code to use different methods. Otherwise, you can send a message to the maintainer of the module, with the request to make it compatible with Mendix 9.



Rom van Arendonk , I already sent message to developer.



If you can’t wait on the developer, you can fix this yourself with a few steps:

  1. Look for the Connect JavaAction in Mendix Studio Pro from the Sftp module.
  2. Add a String parameter to the Connect  JavaAction (I used “inputParameterName”).
  3. You now get a few errors because you have to specify an inputParameterName name everywhere the Connect JavaAction is used. Use the Variable name of the microflowParameter parameter you pass to the JavaAction in the microflow. So use “Explore” as inputParameterName in the IVK_Open microflow for example.
  4. Do a “Deploy for Eclips” in Mendix Studio Pro → App → Deploy for Eclipse.
  5. Open Connect.java in the javasource\sftp\actions folder of your project with a text editor.
  6. Replace the “result = Core.execute...” line with:
  7. result = Core.microflowCall(this.microflow)

                          .withParam(this.inputParameterName, this.microflowArgument)


  1. Save


You now have a Mx9 compatible Sftp module.