Visibility based on dropdown choice

I need a field on the same form to be visible or invisible based on a choice made on a previous dropdown. drop down is an association from another entity, boolean is a field in the current entity.(parent) for this i read couple of documents on the forum and implemented the microflow solution when a choice is made on the dropdown( different entity). the microflow when a choice is made looks for the string and if a match is found, it will set a boolean attribute to true in the parent entity. if the dropdown choice string does not match, then the boolean is set to false in parent entity the field itself which should be visible or invisible is on the parent entity and have set the visibility based on this boolean value from parent entity to show only when its true. now on the form when i actually make a choice of matching string in the drop down, nothing happens. that field is not visible.. i expect the boolean to be set as true and the field to be visible  , but have no clue on whats going in the background.. need suggestion on what else i can try to fix this..
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Hi John,

You probably need to refresh the entity for the change to be reflected on your page (the parent entity on which you are setting that boolean).

Hope this helps.