SAML for Mendix 9.0.5

Hi everyone, Recently I have started a new app from the ground off and I have decided to do this with the latest Mendix Version. As I started developing I was wondering that the SAML module is not available in Studio 9. Do you know if there is a release plan for the SAML module? Or do you have an alternative way how to manage to get the SAML module in Studio 9   Best regards and thank you in advance Sai
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Hi Sai, 

I asked the same question to Mendix support a couple of weeks ago, here is the response. I am asking for an  update


Thank you for contacting Mendix Support.

Unfortunately, SAML module not available for Mendix 9 yet. 
The team is working in several improvements that we will release for Mendix 7 and 8 during this and next week. After that releases they will work to implemented in the SAML module for Mendix 9.
I do not have a specific ETA but the information that I had is, it will be release during this month.

I suggest to put this ticket on hold and come back to you as soon I have more information about the SAML module. 


I did a test migration to Mx 9 and I could upgrade the module without errors. So you might want to export the module in Mx8 and then import the module in Mx9. Have not tried yet if all the functionality does work but as the module has no errors it probably works. And indeed a new version of the module is on its way end should be available at the end of may 2021.