User odata to work with Tableau: Association missing

Dear community, I am trying to use the data in Mendix to build a diagram in Tableau and I publish my Mendix data via odata.  I have an entity called “upload” and it’s associated with an entity called ”country” with n-1 association. (n-upload, 1 country). In the domain model I have exposed the entity upload and country to the same odata service. However, when I connect to this odata resource in Tableau, these two data sources seem to be independent from each other. I can retrieve a list of uploads and a list of countries but they are not associated, which means I can’s figure out which country is related to the upload. But this information is represented by the association in Mendix. I would like to know if I have done anything wrong during the odata as well as the Tableau configuration. Thank you very much in advance! Best
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Try the option to configure the association as object id because then if Tableau does not recognize it you can create the reference yourself.