How to refresh native listview with datasource = nanoflow

Hi Experts, I have a listview in native mobile with the datasource nanoflow.   The nanoflow is called when pressing a search bottom on top, and it returns the list at the end event. Is there a way to refresh the listview? Please advise me on this matter. Cheers!
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Hi idk if you still need help but I just had the same issue. Here’s how I solved it:

Place your listview inside a dataview which shows a “context object” this can be any “useless” entity, it can be non persistent and have no atributes (in my case called SessionData). Now place a widget named “MicroflowTimer” in the dataview.

In its settings set it up to call a nanoflow instead:

In the Nanoflow call “Object Refresh” for your context object.

The last thing to do is to go to your data source microflow of your listview and add the “context object” as a parameter. It doesnt need to be used, it just needs to be there so the microflow gets called when the object refreshes.

Hope this helps.


Hi Leonardo,

You would need a context helper entity which you would need to refresh.

Place your listview in a dataview with this context helper entity and use the AppEvents widget from the NativeMobileResources module to refresh the context, for instance on an interval of X seconds.


Use the “Refresh Object” from the Toolbox(nanoflow), and refresh the input parameter of your list’s nanoflow.