How can i create an enitity in the app itself?

Dear community, How can I as an admin of an app create an entity with attributes (e.g. time, date) in the app without having to go to the developer mode and have to create a new entity with attributes in the domain model   Thanks in advance 
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Hi Hammat, 

this is not possible. The only way to extend your app with new functionality (eg. microflows, domain model etc.) is by either using Mendix Studio or Mendix Studio Pro, you called it “developer mode”. After that you will have to redeploy your app.

Mendix does not support “hot deployment”, ie. changes in domain model are not possible while the app is running.


A designer has created a mockup for a new healthcare information system: the  health portal. This system can be used by patients to track their health status on a day by day basis by recording themselves the health-related activities they perform. Particularly, patients can record episodes of physical activity they engaged in, track their dietary intake, as well as log measurements of bodily functions, also see Screen 1 and Screen 2


Each activity type has a specific set of associated property types that are used to record details of a particular activity. For example, for all activity types, the date of recording the activity into the system, as well as the start date, the end date, and the duration of the activity are recorded. Additionally, for example for walks, the number of calories in kCal and the number of steps are recorded. Similarly, for measurements of body mass index, the patient’s height in cm, weight in kg and consequently body mass index in kg/m2 are recorded

The system must be flexible enough to allow for new activity types (e.g., runs) and associated properties to be created at any point in time using just the interface of the health portal. Here it is stated that an admin should be able to create an activity only using the interface. The patient should then be able to use this activity to save his/her progress.