How to downgrade from Mendix 9.1.1 to 8.18.1 ?

Is there a way to downgrade from Mendix 9.1.1 to 8.18.1 ? I don’t need to preserve any data in the database, just need to downgrade because the excel importer package seems to be not supported in 9.1.1.
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As far as i know, this is not possible. Your only option is to go back to the latest revision that was still 8.18.1 and redo all your changes.


Using svn repository you can download specific revision or you can create new branch using specific revision.


As Javith mentioned you could reverse merge (undo-ing commits). But the reverse merge capability in Studio pro cannot seem to deal with cross-mendix-version. The only way I can think of is:

  1. Identify which revision you need to go back to
  2. Install tortoise SVN 1.7.x (this is important, newer version doesn't work with mendix)
  3. Close your project in mendix studio pro
  4. navigate to your project (e.g. Documents\Mendix\PROJECT)
  5. open tortoise svn by right clicking inside of the Explorer window and do a reverse merge ( , )
  6. after that you can open your project again in Mendix 8.18.1 and confirm the state is what you expect
  7. if all is well you can commit your changes within Studio pro



In an other post you say that Excel Exporter works in Mendix 9.1.1

Does that mean that this post is no longer relevant?


Hi Maxim Velichkin,

You can go to Mandix Studio pro in the market place then select the option “other releases” there you can download the old mendix version 8.18.1