Administrator and specialization of System.User

Hi there ! I need to implement specific behaviors for my users, so I created a subclass of Administration.Account in order to have those additional fields (1st question : is it better to create a subclass, or a separate class with a 1-1 association to Administration.Account ?). My administrator user (MxAdmin) is basically an instance of System.User → is there a way to change that ? Cause I’d need to set those specific fields even for this special user. Thanks !
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If you need to add specific attribute to the MxAdmin user, you should create another entity linked to / inheriting of the user entity, not to account. All of your accounts are also “user” so it should work.


for your first question you may find interesting information here :



for your first question See Yehoshoua Choukroun’s answer.

For you second question, may I suggest to remove the administration module. That module is just not upto par. See, please upvote. If need be, add module System management to have more grip on the entity useraccount, which only holds useraccount attributes but is  confusingly named ‘user’.

To extend the System.User with attributes, add module Person, and in that module remove everything that you don’t need.