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Hello everyone, I will transfer 50$ via WU to a person who will help me to create this functionality, Thank you.  I have an issue with creating a drop down functionality that can filter the list of departments depends on their location. For example, when I  choose an entity location VTB plc -London it should populate in drop dawn menu a list of all departments that relates to VTB Plc – London and the same thing for VTB Frankfurt it should populate in drop down a list of departments that relates to VTB Frankfurt only.  Right now any entity you choose it would populate only one drop down list. Thank you in advance.         Looking forward to hearing from you all. Appreciated    Bill
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Hi BiloJon,

                You can use the Selectable objects constraints option which is available in the Reference selector widgets to filter the departments based on the location selection as jop ter Horst said. 

For your reference, I m sharing the Mendix documentation with a detailed explanation of the Selectable Objects constraint.  I hope, it will help you.




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Vijayabharathi V


You should add some constraint to the selectable objects in the Departments dropdown. So you only see departments of the selected legal entity.