How to filter data and save it in another entity

I have data in grid and after filtering data from grid I want to save only filtered data to some other entity with one more attribute called status. Please guide how to save filtered data from grid to entity.
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Hi Snehal ,

In the Data grid  in the selection mode select the simple multi selection option and you have to place 2 buttons in grid one is SelectAll button and another one is action button in that action button call a microflow , for the microflow you will get the list of filtered selected products as input , in that microflow you can iterate the filtered list and save it to another entity.

By using SelectAll option you can select all filtered values at single time , 

Hope this one helps for you 


There is a new Mendix data grid widget in the appstore called datagrid 2. I think using this will solve your issues. You will be able to dynamically filter, search and sort