Running Studio pro on Linux

Has anyone managed to successfully and consistently run Studio pro on Linux via something like Crossover or an alternative?   This question is a continuation from this question in the hopes that someone has found a credible solution
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I didn’t try. Would love to if I had spare time.

Besides the obvious Parallels (local VM) suggestion, there are also good alternatives nowadays with fast and low latency internet connectivity: remote desktop into a VM running elsewhere. This can be a VM:

- inside own datacenter

- amazon workspaces or any other IaaS provider. You pay per use.

Personally, I’m running windows on a separate hardware machine for Mendix and other purposes. NUC’s are fairly cheap nowadays. so that could be an option as well. Or even a 500-800 euro laptop would do.


Also with WSL2 ( ) it’s more logical to have windows as primary OS and Linux as guest/secondary.