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Hi Everyone,   Im busy with my assessment to become a Mendix Developer. Im running into this silly problem: I need to change the icon on all pages of my app. I found the icon used in the Navigation bar. It says to use a PNG file with a inimum width of 512 pixels. However, it doesnt accept any other of the ones mentioned and I cant seem to find the way to upload the logo I hand-made into the Studio Pro application.   Any tips hints and advice are welcome,   THNX
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I placed another (custom PNG logo with height 512px and weight 512px) next to the original logo.

That is located in the Atlas_Core.Content (So module Atlas Core and then image collection named Content)

Then in the navigation profile select your custom PNG as the general Application Icon and it did show up correctly.

Also within version 9.0.5.

So is your PNG file exact that size? (512 x 512)


Found it! Thanks for the help!