Unable to download shared project

Hello all, as a new member of the Mendix community, I’ve just started running into issues when attempting to download larger projects from the team server. When I try to open a project that I have been given access to, my Mendix application stays on the “Progress – Downloading App” screen for at least an hour. After an hour or so, I get an error saying that download failed because I don’t have access to the project (which I do), so I think the process might just be timing out. Has anyone run into a similar issue? It may be my hardware, since I’ve been able to download and open smaller projects, albeit slowly. This is happening on version 7.23.19.  Thanks in advance
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Hi Charles Glennon,

sounds like you are trying to open the app with a different account.

please verify the app is being opened with the same account as you are invited/added to the app.

if you feel it’s a version a specific issue try with upgraded version.