format of card action

Hello, I used the building block “card action” before and it displayed in a container with a big icon on the top and a caption under it. Right now I am using version 9.2 and the card action displays differently (a container with text on the right and a very small icon on the right ), and I do not really want the current format. Could someone give any advice how to show like before? Thank you so much!
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I have the same issue, no way to fix it.


Let’s take an other view.

The action card has been changed, but this is basic HTML and basic styling. So don’t ask how to change it back, but deal with the new situation. In that case you can change the styling like Shekhar explained in his answer.

My advise: do not only know how to use, but also how it works under the hood.


hi Jingrui,

In style properties set margin,padding,height,width according to your requirement.

thank you


Just ensure that :

  1. Icon (Action Button) is using the class “card-image” and if not, use this class in the Properties of this action button and Spacing Bottom set to medium


  1. Text (Action Button)  Set as below

  1. Card Container : In the spacing set the Aignn Content properties as “Center align as a column”