Dark mode with Dynamic Classes

Hello! I have been trying to implement a Dark mode for my website using dynamic classes. I have created a new .scss file with two classes that make use of some original variables from “custom-variables.scss”. The content of the new .scss file is as follows (I have made sure to import it inside main.scss):  .bs-bg-light { background: $bs-background-light } .bs-bg-dark { background: $bs-background-dark } The thing is, I can write the names of these classes inside the “Class” property and the background color changes, but when I use “Dynamic Classes” the site doesn’t change at all. The logic inside the “Dynamic Classes” field is as follows: if $currentObject/Theme = 'Light' then 'bs-bg-light' else 'bs-bg-dark'  Am I doing something wrong. This was the way that many of the Mendix resources I checked suggested.
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Check your html element in developer tool in the browser, that any of 'bs-bg-light' or 'bs-bg-dark'classes applied or not.


If classes applied but no css applied then compile your custom css with calypso and then check, It will work