Mendix Native builder not building the app - takes a lot of time

Hi, I am trying to build mendix app for android and iOS but Mendix native builder is stuck at the step of setting up the repository. I was facing similar kind of issues like 401 with appcenter or sometimes conflicting messages but eventually it worked after retry. From today morning, it is taking hours but not continuing with the build process. I also tried by clearing mendix cache and native mobile folders as well but no luck. Did someone else faced similar issue? Any help in this regard is really appreciated. I am attaching the snapshot of build process and CPU utilization (looks like CPU is not being used by mendix builder at all).   The native template version is: 1.0.90  Thanks!
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Have you checked the build logs in AppCenter? i’ve run into issues previously when using a free account in AppCenter. The builds were failing because of a quota being enforced on the number builds allowed per month.